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Crush The Castle 2

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2Crush the Castle 2, the sequel to Crush the Castle, is here! And while it has been a long time in coming, it has been well worth the wait according to its fans. This is a physics war game where you use a trebuchet to crush castles, very much like its predecessor. But in this game, the good King of Redvonia has found a new kingdom to smash and concur.

The controls of the game have remained the same. Press once to pull back the trebuchet, press again to release. You’ll want to release at just the right time to hit the wall and cause damage. You know how to do this, you’ve been here before. But what you haven’t seen until Crush the Castle 2 is some plot and some pretty fun characters. While it isn’t a complicated plot, it is the start of a real story, which is something the original game did not have.

As you progress through the game, fans of Crush the Castle will notice that simply hitting the castle with everything you've got isn't going to work as well in the newer version. You have to keep your wits about you and thinking before catapulting. You will be given different types of ammunition to use from the different characters you meet in the game. You'll need to puzzle out what you should use, when you should use it, and where on the castle wall it should hit, in order to do the damage you need to do to win the game.

Crush the Castle 2 is put out by Armor Games and you will need to register with them in order to save your game. It is well worth it as there is a large community of players who have create all types of castles to challenge you when you get that registration in.

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