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1The Redvonian King burns with the need for conquest and longs to lay siege to the fortresses of Arcturia. He has sent you, his most famed Siege Master, with his finest Mason, Halgrim, to further expand his lands. Aided by Cormyn, a devlish engineer, and Mauryl the Great, a hermit wizard, combine technology with the laws of physics and alchemy to pave the way for glory.
Crush all the resistance and pave the way for the realm with this exciting flash game from Armor Games, Inc.
Relive the medieval times and be a conqueror as you destroy one castle after another with Crush the Castle. Flash game that is sure to awaken the sleeping warrior in your bloods. Prove your worth to your liege lord with swift action and lay siege to opposing castles with the mighty Trebuchet.Pave the way for the king with every captured castle and wipe out all the opposition with your powerful arsenal of projectiles.

In Crush the Castle, destroy the fortresses of your enemies using a Trebuchet, a weapon that can be armed with eight different fodders. Set your aim, press and release your projectiles and leave no castle inhabitant standing to be a "Royal Success"; fail to do so and be a "Royal Failure". Using the laws of physics, utilize the Trebuchet, designed by the most skilled mason of the land, and launch various projectiles into enemy strongholds.
In the game, left click once to aim and allow the Trebuchet to swing, then left click again to release the projectile. Proper timing paves the way for victory. Use projectiles to aim for the fortifications and topple the castle in five shots or less to pass the different levels. Overpower all resistance and sate your hunger for territory through the siege of one castle after another, and push your way through 24 levels of exciting action. Earn achievements with your victories and show everyone the true worth of a conqueror.
The game also offers the option of building and customizing your own castles.

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